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You still look 21

Totally Mailed It

Don't worry, you still look 21.. from a distance!

Perfect day!

AP Designs

Wish them the perfect day with this sporty card

All the Single Daddies

Droplette Design

To the single dads, you're doing a GREAT job, hand hearts up to you and thank you too!

Daddy to the Moon & Back <3

Droplette Design

Share your love with this adorable moon and it's hearty hands. An any cutesy, loving occasion kinda card.

Rocking Crocodile Dad Birthday Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send your Dad this funny C-Rocker-Dile card for his birthday to let him know he ROCKS!

I am my father’s daughter

AP Designs

Send this heartfelt design to your dad, perfect for any occasion


Double Pea Designs

Send the birthday love to all those 'Crabby' Daddy's!


pink + pip

Let your dad know how much you love him!

Ride Now Beer Later - Cycling Card

Worry Less Design

The perfect card for someone who loves cycling and beer!

If it's not on....- Card for Cyclist or Runner

Worry Less Design

The perfect greetings card for someone who loves to track their runs, rides, walks or swims! A reminder to always press start!

Strava Birthday card for runners and cyclists

Urban Collie

Send the runner or cyclist in your life, birthday kudos with this funny Strava birthday card

Happy Birthday Dad - Thanks for saying YES

Blind Faith

Send your Dad some birthday wishes with this funny card thanking him for always saying YES when your Mum had already always said NO.

Happy Birthday Dad - atleast you aren't a dog

Blind Faith

Send your Dad this funny card for his birthday explaining that whilst he is old, atleast he doesn't count his birthday in dog years.

Happy Birthday Dad, I know you love a fish pun

Blind Faith

Send your Dad this Funny Punny birthday card based around the favoured pastime of the ageing gentleman, fishing. Featuring plenty of fish based puns and a wave design.

Surprise Daddy Announcement Card

Pretty Pixel Co

Let your partner, husband or baby daddy know that he's going to be a father with this cute announcement card. Perfect for Father's Day or to announce a pregnancy in the sweetest way.

You're Like a Vinyl Record, Old...


Get your retro loved one this funny card for any occasion!

Daddy Bear

Faye B

Send Daddy this super cute and fluffy Polar Bear for his birthday.

Mon Pear's Birthday

Droplette Design

Send Papa this French fun, pun pear card. A play on words with mon pére. Birthday wishes to daddy!

Birthday Wishes to a guy who Fishes Card

Maya Rose Creations

If you know someone that loves fishing but isn't necessarily very good at it, we have the right card for you!

Half the Living Room Away

Droplette Design

From sofa to sofa, wish your mate or your pops a happy birthday. The Royle family, in particular Ricky Tomlinson is here with his really happy wishes...

Dad Boris birthday card

Marie Goodchild

Send your dad a political fun card and let him know you are not hopeless after all.

Super Daddy & My Hero

Droplette Design

For the super dads out there...happy fathers day! From milk prep, to bedtime stories, you are the best daddy and my hero!

Beer vs Coffee

Droplette Design

Who's dad's favourite? Beer or coffee? Send this fun loving card to the coffee drinker by day, beer boozer by night !

All-Sorts of Amazing

Droplette Design

To that sweet toothed, amazing in every way kind of pops! A card for occasions such as dad's birthday and Father's Day.

Be nice to the kids

Blind Faith

Send your parents some love this birthday with this funny card letting them know if they aren't nice to you then you might not be nice to them :)

Best Dad Ever.


Taxi driver, advice giver, cashpoint, fixer of things... Best Dad Ever! Happy Father's Day!

Dad loves a Golf PUN

Blind Faith

send your dad nice message this Birthday / Father's Day ' Just because with this card featuring several puns based around the middle aged man's favourite game, Golf.


Double Pea Designs

Share the love for all those 'Turtley Awesome' Dad's with these cute little character's!

Raa Raa Daddy

Faye B

Send Daddy this Raa Raa the lion card, from CBeebies.

Daddy Gremlin

Faye B

Send Dad this birthday card, from his Gremlin!

Daddy I love you Beary much

Faye B

Send this card to Daddy to show him how much you love him.

Moon and back

Daniella Illustrates

This card for ‘daddy’ makes for a great birthday or Father’s Day card! But also, just because…

DIY Dad Happy Birthday Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send your DIY Dad this sarcastic, funny Birthday Day card to let him know you're there to help out when he is doing DIY.

Another Year on Planet Earth

Daniella Illustrates

Send birthday wishes from David Attenborough!

Daddy, I love you more than...

Faye B

Send this cute card to Daddy, perfect from the kids.

Daddy, I love you more than Blippi

Faye B

Send this card to Daddy, from his little Blippi fan.

Nuff Love Daddy


I love you Dad- Only cooler!

Man Like Pops


The perfect all rounder for Dad, this card was featured in the Metro newspapers top 7 Fathers Day Cards for Black Dads 2020!

Happy Birthday Pug Dog Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send a Dog lover this cute Pug Dog Birthday Card to celebrate them becoming another year older.

Amazon Parcel King - Happy Birthday Card

Laura Lonsdale Designs

Wish a parcel obsessed special someone a happy birthday!

Daddy To The Moon And Back - Happy Birthday Card

Laura Lonsdale Designs

Send a special daddy birthday wishes with this heartfelt card!

Happy Happy Birthday!


Cute happy card to wish your friend or family the happiest of Birthdays.

Super Dachshund Happy Birthday Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send a friend or loved one this Super Dachshund Happy Birthday to wish them a "Super Day".