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Retirement - Best Wishes

Riad Mannan Designs

A sincere card for someone who is retiring.

Good Luck Finding Better Colleagues Than Us!

Rooster Cards

Do you have a colleague who is about to escape your office for good? Make sure they know that they'll be missed by sending them his cheeky leaving card. By Rooster Cards.

New Job Alligator Card

Hannah Jayne Lewin Illustration

Wish friends, family and colleagues all the best in their new job with this fun alligator design. It features an alligator character wearing a business jacket and tie, throwing out his paperwork.

If I could turn back time

Kitty Doodling

Sorry is the hardest words, so why not make it easier and say it with a card!

Sashay Away Queen Leaving Card

TeePee Creations

This funny leaving card features a star pattern with the phrase “Sashay Away!” Ideal for when someone you know is leaving work or moving away, this card is sure to make any diva laugh and smile

Congratulations On Escaping New Job Card

TeePee Creations

This funny new job congratulations card features a prison cell with the phrase “HM Prison Work Congrats On Escaping!”

Cya Later Tater

Droplette Design

A fun potato themed leaving card…


Running With Scissors

If they're a fan of sushi, and they are leaving for an adventure - new job, new home, travel? - this is the card for them!

Good Luck new job

Banter King

Send this cheeky new job card designed by Banterking

Bon Voyage Red

Droplette Design

Say good bye or good luck with this very stylish VW camper van card in red. Perfect for anyone off on their travels or a long stint away.

Miss You So Much

Soph AC Studio

Let a friend or loved one know you are thinking of them with this yellow palm themed 'miss you so much' card

Happy Retirement - Palm Trees

Soph AC Studio

Wish a Happy Retirement with this yellow palm tree themed card

Yalla Bye - Palm Trees

Soph AC Studio

Say farewell with this fun and colourful 'Yalla Bye!' leaving card

Mosque Art - Any Occasion

Droplette Design

A wordless yet beautiful mosque and colour palette card, perfect for any occasion.

Enjoy humping in your new home (camel)


A perfect card for your friend that has moved to the desert that you know will enjoy humping in their new home

Miss You Many Times Over

Droplette Design

Many times over you will we missed...send a colourful playful card to the one who will be missed.

Bertie asset

Droplette Design

Send a farewell to the team member who has been an asset to you or the company with great old Bertie Bassett.

Oh The Places You'll Go

Droplette Design

We love this camel card and think it would be perfect for a goodbye, new job, retirement or well wishes...

Employee Review New Job Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send this card to say goodbye to an employee that is leaving to go to a new job, to let them know they will be missed by everyone.

Sending you all the luck in the world

Jess Moorhouse

send a friend or family member a little extra luck with this fun lucky charm card

Wishing you all the luck in the world!

Jess Moorhouse

Send a friend or family member a little extra luck with this super cute earth card.

Caffé Hero

Droplette Design

To your favourite coffee drinking Nero, I mean hero, who you love to sip caffeine with and have a good old natter. For Birthdays and thank you's and pick me up's.

Leaving! I'm Cross

Faye B

Send this leaving card to someone who you don't want to go! You will miss them after all.

Good Luck Congratulations Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send a friend or family member this good luck card to celebrate them getting a new job, and letting them know you hope it is better than their last job.

Leaving? Scandalous!

Droplette Design

As Mis-Teeq would so so Scandalous. Pun imagery!

Yallah, Bye


Say good bye like never before ! Give this card to wish a safe travel and blessings on new beginnings

Yalla Bye

Droplette Design

Send a leaving card to someone you will miss or enjoyed working with, with this commonly used Arab cya!

Good luck in your new job

Blind Faith

send your friend / colleague some best wishes in their new job with this card telling them that as long as their replacement is good looking and not boring, you won't really miss them.

Thanks For Doing an Ace Job. You Will Be Missed.

Pretty Pixel Co

Ace of Spades punny card to thank a colleague for doing an ACE job and to let them know they will be missed.

Bon Voyage Leaving Card

Pretty Pixel Co

Cute kawaii doughnut leaving card to wish someone bon voyage and good luck.

Nintendo New Job Card

Pretty Pixel Co

Nintendo retro leaving card for someone that is levelling up to a new job.

Obligatory Leaving Card

Pretty Pixel Co

Deadly serious yet funny obligatory leaving card.

Leaving the Best Work Colleagues Card

Pretty Pixel Co

Can’t believe you’re leaving the best work colleagues you will ever have.

Goodbye Spice Girls Leaving Card

Catherine Critchley.

Someone you'll miss leaving? Send a Spice Girls 'Goodbye' My Friend leaving card to your colleague, friend or loved one and let them know you'll miss them!

New job? Yalla Bye

Pretty Pixel Co

So your colleague got a new job? Wave them bye with this card ;)

New Job? You’ll Ace It!

Pretty Pixel Co

Ace of spades punny leaving card for someone that got a new job.

Donut Go Leaving Card

Pretty Pixel Co

Punny doughnut inspired leaving card.

How Dare You Get a New Job

Pretty Pixel Co

The perfect card for the colleague that dared to get a new job and leave you behind!

Abstract sunny landscape


Send some sunshine with this abstract colorful landscape

Waddle I Do Without You?

Michelle Robyn

A pun-derful and whimsically hand illustrated card featuring a sweet little duck on its travels. What a cute way to let someone who's leaving know that you'll miss them!

Top Banana

Faye B

Well done - You're a Top Banana

Mad Ting Card


We live in a crazy world at the moment. Sometimes we just can't find the words for major events whether positive or negative - its just a mad ting!

Paws Crossed you'll be fabulous

Jo Scott Art

A good luck card ideal for any dog lover

Thank You Superstar Teacher Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send your Superstar Teacher this comic book Superhero themed thank you card.

Thank You Teacher Sunflower Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send this card to your Teacher to thank them for "helping you grow" as a person.