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Nobody else I would rather argue with

Banter King

Send this funny card designed by Banter King

Oh Darling, We Just Click

Droplette Design

To the one who lights you up, this vintage style zippo design is the perfect pun for a loving occasion.

Loud Farts Anniversary Valentine's Day Card

Sassy Sarah

Does your partner wake you up at night with their loud farts? Then this is the perfect card for your anniversary or for Valentine's Day.

Cheesiest birthday card

Spring of Colors

This is a punny birthday card you can give your friend on their birthday

Be right or be happy

Totally Mailed It

Valentines/ Anniversary card designed by Totally Mailed It

I love you, idiot

Totally Mailed It

Valentines/ Anniversary Card designed by Totally Mailed It

Perfect Match

Totally Mailed It

Valentines/ Anniversary card designed by Totally Mailed It

Zebra Party Outfit Birthday Card

Sassy Sarah

Send this silly zebra birthday card featuring some pineapple party glasses and a party hat.

Can't Stop Thinking Bao You

Laura Lonsdale Designs

Send some birthday wishes with this yummy card!

For Better or For Wurst - Happy Anniversary

Running With Scissors

Send some sweet anniversary love with this cute card! If they love sausages, they will love this card!

Happy Birthday Sausage

Totally Mailed It

Perfect for those Dachshund lovers out there!

Jack Grealish's Calves

Poppy & Mabel

Send this hilarious Jack Grealish themed card to your loved one to celebrate either an Anniversary or Valentine's Day!

Happy Birthday to YOU

Droplette Design

Happy Birthday from you to you, Joe Goldberg style.

It started with a swipe

Totally Mailed It

Perfect all round card! Suitable for many occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines, weddings and more!

Tin Man Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Send your loved one a traditional 10th anniversary gift on their anniversary with Tin Man!

Britney’s Leather Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Send your loved one a traditional 3rd anniversary gift with Britney’s iconic suit!

Neil Diamond Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Send your loved one a traditional 60th anniversary gift with Neil Diamond!

Linen Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Send your loved one a traditional 4th anniversary gift with John Lennon

<3 From My Head To My Toes

Droplette Design

Toe socks? There are many ways to tell someone you love them, but this is pretty funny!

You Bacon Me Crazy Card

TeePee Creations

This card features 2 rashers of bacon and the phrase "You Bacon Me Crazy!" Perfect for Anniversaries, Valentine's Day or just becasue!

Avo-cardio Pun Any Occasion Blank Card

TeePee Creations

This funny card features an Avocado getting fit for the summer, hoola hooping away with the phrase “And 3 and 4! 2 Months Till Summer… Avo-Cardio!”

ABBA Anniversary Card

Sassy Sarah

Send a music fan this ABBA themed anniversary card.

Fruit Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Celebrate a 4th anniversary with the Man from Del Monte

Wood Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Celebrate a 5th anniversary with glittery-eyed Elijah Wood!

Sugar Anniversary

Daniella Illustrates

Celebrate a 6th anniversary with Sir Alan Sugar

Parton Me

Daniella Illustrates

Send a Dolly fan a card on their birthday!

Totally Koalafied

Droplette Design

Beep Beep! They did it and are now koalafied to drive !

Grateful For Mew

Sassy Sarah

Tell someone how grateful you are with this cute cat pun card.

Happy Birthday to my second favourite Leo

Blind Faith

Send the LEO in your life some birthday wishes with this card explaining that whilst their star sign is Leo, they are only your second favourite Leo, a fact which Leo Dicaprio finds hilarious.

Dwight Fact

Daniella Illustrates

It is your birthday. Fact. Send an American ‘Office’ fan this funny Dwight card for their birthday.


pink + pip

Thanks for never judging me for how ugly I look on facetime.


Rock & Rose Creative

This cute dating card is perfect for showing your partner how much you love them in person.

Onlion birthday card

Our Moment Makers

Happy Birthday I bought you this card On-lion!

Hey good looking

Artzen Island

Send your friend, or partner this lovely card to make them giggle on their birthday, or any other special occasion.


pink + pip

Happy Birthday, Dave.

A Special Cake Birthday Card

Michelle Robyn

Send your loved on a special diet a birthday card to make them chuckle- a positive spin on having to eat a gluten, dairy and sugar free birthday cake!



Send this super cute card to the one you can never Lego and express your love like never before!

You're My Lovebird

Pretty Pixel Co

The perfect card for the love bird in your life on Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

I Love You A Choco-Lot

Pretty Pixel Co

Send your loved one a sweet chocolate box this Valentine's Day or on your anniversary.

You're smoking hot shisha


This card is for your favourite smoking hot shisha lover

I Love Cactus (Us)


Get your loved one this cute cactus card for any occasion!

One in a Minion


Let her know if she's one in a Minion!

Miss You Bestie "bes-tea" Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send your bestie this cute "bes-tea" pun card to let them know even though they've moved away and you miss them, they'll always be your best friend.

I Washed My Hands Before Writing This Card


Get your loved one this covid secure card for any occasion!

I'm Otterly Devoted To You (Utterly devoted otters


Get your loved one this cute otter pun card for any occasion!

You Make Miso Happy (You make me so happy)


Get the foodie fan in your life this cute card for any occasion!

You're The Loaf of My Life (Love) Bread Pun


Send this punny card to express your love on any occasion!

We're a Perfect Matcha


Send the matcha fan in your life this punny card to show your love!