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You Bake my World a Better Place

Droplette Design

A cute Croissant sharing some buttery love to make someone's heart melt <3

completely and madly in love with you

Banter King

Send this cute card designed by Banter King

I love you this much

Paper Valley Studio

Cute little guy showing how much he loves you

Nobody else I would rather argue with

Banter King

Send this funny card designed by Banter King

Oh Darling, We Just Click

Droplette Design

To the one who lights you up, this vintage style zippo design is the perfect pun for a loving occasion.

We made it

Totally Mailed It

Valentines/ Anniversary card designed by Totally Mailed It

Roses are red

Totally Mailed It

Valentines card designed by Totally Mailed It

It's who you have beside you

Totally Mailed It

Heartfelt card designed by Totally Mailed It

I love you, idiot

Totally Mailed It

Valentines/ Anniversary Card designed by Totally Mailed It

Can't Stop Thinking Bao You

Laura Lonsdale Designs

Send some birthday wishes with this yummy card!

you're an idiot but I love you

Banter King

Send this cheeky card designed by Banterking

together is my favourite place to be

Banter King

Send this cute card designed by Banterking

MCFC Frenchie Fan

Droplette Design

A card for a blue! This Frenchie is a big supporter of city and of you!

A Jar of Love and Wishes

Droplette Design

This jar is filled with love and wishes for that special friend on their birthday.

Jack Grealish's Calves

Poppy & Mabel

Send this hilarious Jack Grealish themed card to your loved one to celebrate either an Anniversary or Valentine's Day!

You are out of this world - Appreciation card

The Positive Stationery Company

Let your loved one know how much they mean to you. Great for any occasion!

Thank you for annoying me less than anyone else!

Totally Mailed It

Funny thank you card, suitable for a range of occasions including Valentine's Day or anniversary!

My favourite weirdo!

Totally Mailed It

Send your favourite weirdo this card. Ideal for a number of occasions including birthday, Valentine's day or anniversary!

Off the market

Totally Mailed It

Congratulate them on their engagement or wedding with this quirky card

It started with a swipe

Totally Mailed It

Perfect all round card! Suitable for many occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines, weddings and more!

<3 From My Head To My Toes

Droplette Design

Toe socks? There are many ways to tell someone you love them, but this is pretty funny!

I'll always kiss you goodnight

Droplette Design

Awww...a sweet card complete with lots of love and kisses. Perfect for a romantic occasion, anniversary or valentines.

You Are The Sweetest - Strawberry Card

Soph AC Studio

Send to a sweet friend as a thank you, or just because!

I love you.

pink + pip

I love you and I like you.

Happy Happiness

Droplette Design

Just a very happy card to send to the person you're happy together time equals happiness.

All Loafer You

Droplette Design

Send some shoe love to him...the perfect card, with a little class for him. Birthday, anniversary & general loafer love!

I Peely Like You - Happy Anniversary Card

Laura Lonsdale Designs

Send your loved one anniversary wishes with this playful card!

You Hold The KIWI To My Heart

Pretty Pixel Co

Cute and punny card for the loved one in your life. It’s perfect for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary.

You’re so golden! Harry styles card

AP Designs

This Harry styles golden card is perfect for any occasion!


Rock & Rose Creative

This cute dating card is perfect for showing your partner how much you love them in person.

Socks to my Sandals

pink + pip

Let the socks to your sandals know you're thinking of them!

who you have next to you!

Our Moment Makers

It's not about what you have it's about who you have...

I love you

Artzen Island

Send your special person this card to show them that you love them. Simple message, big impact.

I love you AXOLOTL!

Jess Moorhouse

send someone you love this Super cute punny axolotl card.

Happy Birthday to an absolute worldie!


World's greatest, world class, absolute worldie!

Liam Gallagher Oasis Music Card

Sabi Koz Illustration

Liam Gallagher Illustration Card for all occasions

You're My Tweetheart

Pretty Pixel Co

The perfect card for the tweetheart in your life on Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

You're My Lovebird

Pretty Pixel Co

The perfect card for the love bird in your life on Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

Even Though There's Space Between Us


Send your loved one this card for any occasion to show how important they are to you, no matter the distance!

I Believe in our Thing Called Love

Droplette Design

Still in love with your love? Aww, truly glad about that! Here is a loving card with some hearty lyrics to show you still believe in love.

You Make Miso Happy (You make me so happy)


Get the foodie fan in your life this cute card for any occasion!